Why use our legal temp service?

There are many benefits for law firms and administrative offices to use temporary employees. The service is easy to use and there are NO employment taxes and NO benefits for the firms to pay. (i.e. Healthcare insurance, vacation, sick and 401K, etc.)

How does the service work?

It all starts with a need. You may need a Paralegal for a large document review project or temporary legal secretary to cover for an employee out on maternity leave or other extended personal leave.

Call Tsinnie Paralegal & Legal Temps. We will send you a temp employee with experience that closely matches the job at hand. All the paralegals & legal assistants have 3 -20 years of experience in the legal field. If there is a personality conflict, we will send a new temp employee until you find an assistant that is compatible with your firm.

All our temp employees work for Tsinnie Paralegal, therefore, you sign their weekly Timesheets, we pay them and Invoice you solely for the hours they worked for your firm. No other costs or hassles involved. We Invoice your firm bi-weekly. At the end of the year, you simply issue one 1099 to Tsinnie Paralegal and we are responsible for our own taxes.

In the event you find a gem that you absolutely need on your team, our temp employees are available for permanent hire. We can make arrangements to facilitate that transition for a reasonable finder’s fee.